tl;dr [demo]

Countdown [animation]

Bridge [mixed media]

Zabbal [documentary]

Autoportrait [mixed media]

Fung Sou [video portrait]

Being John: A Word With Yourself [documentary]

(w)Hole Complex [mixed media]

Harlem USA [documentary]

Pilgrim [sculpture]

The Same Different Story [documentary]

Harlem USA [trailer]

Unnamed [sculpture]

Leaving Head Rush City [experimental]

Vitamin K [poster]

Hypnagogia [experimental]

Harlem Ghost Town [experimental]

Man, Cairo [mixed media]

Sutratma [experimental]

Silent Voices [ink on paper]

For Norway [experimental]

Promo MABI TV [promotional]

Wise Man Moving a Mountain [mixed media]

Maroc Couleurs [tv documentary]

Unnamed [digital]

Promo Portable North Pole [promotional]

Les Editions de la Tournure [event coverage]

Autumn #1 [mixed media]

Apres l'Asphalte [event coverage]

Autumn #4 [mixed media]

.loop #03 [experimental]

Prescriptions Poetiques [event coverage]

Woman, Cairo [mixed media]

Mundane Affair [promotional]

Autoportrait [mixed media]

Discovering Ebola [ink and charcoal]